Evaluation Passport Instructions (UPPER YORK MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION)

PrintEvaluation Passport Instructions

Welcome to the UYMHA Evaluations Passport System. 

All players must complete the tryout registration and pay ONLINE and in advance of their first tryout.  Cash will not be accepted on the day of tryouts, and non-registered players will NOT be accepted. 

NRPs coming into Upper York Minor Hockey
Non resident players (NRP) with a "passport" (for AA teams) are also required to register and pay in advance using the link above. There is a question on the form to indicate you are attending the tryout as Non-Resident Player. NRP Players must have registered as a NRP and obtained a NRP Passport from their home centre to attend the tryout. 

Registration Instructions

Registration and Credit Card Payment must be made before attending the tryout.  You can register at our website under Evaluations, or click the link here to go to the registration form. 

Please noteThere are two payment fee options, if you are wishing to be evaluated for a U10-13 AA/A/B team or U14-U18 AA/A/BB team select the $100.00 option. Players in U14-U18 only interested in being evaluated for a BB (non-contact) are to select the $75.00 option. 

Once you hit submit you will see:

Click on the “Click Here to Pay Online” button to proceed to the PayPal website and complete your payment.

Once complete you will receive an email confirmation of your submission and another confirming your payment.  The submission confirmation email will be from the Upper York Minor Hockey website ([email protected]) and will be called Form Submitted: UYMHA Tryouts/U18 Evaluations. This email will contain a link at the bottom with the Players Passport number (see picture below on where to find the # in the email). Please save or print this email, as this is the number that will be needed during evaluations.

This number is very important for the tryouts.  This number will be listed on the Rep Team’s website to indicate whether the player successfully made the team.

Please note:  The Permission to Skate Form (PTS) is for AAA evaluations only, players coming back from AAA must register and pay online using the link above for UYMHA evaluations to attend an evaluation.


Attending Evaluations
Please ensure you have registered and paid in full prior to attending. If you are having trouble registering, please reach out to [email protected] for assistance in registering. 


After Evaluations

The results will be posted on the UYMHA Website, under that specific team’s site (e.g., U10 AA, U11 AA, U12 AA ....).  On the team menu you will see “Evaluation Player List”.

You will see a list of numbers on this page.  This number corresponds to the Passport number for each individual player.

If the player’s number appears on this list they are still associated with this team. If the number does not appear on this list, the player has been released from this team and are now eligible to try out for the next level of hockey.

For example, if the player is released from AA, then they are now moved to the A evaluations and prior to the first A evaluation will be on the Evaluation Player List for the A team.  If released from A, then depending on the age group they are moved to B or BB. If released from B or BB, the player has been released back to their local association for House or Local League programs.

Please note: The player's passport number will not appear on the list until the start of evaluations for each team. Once the coach has released players, they will be updated 5 minutes after they make the change on the team website, at the bottom of the team Evaluation Player List page, the last time the page was updated is indicted. 

If you have any questions, please contact Upper York Minor Hockey at [email protected].  There will also be representatives on hand at the evaluations to answer any questions.

Questions pertaining to specific age groups should be directed as follows:

U10-U13 teams to Jeff Mackey
U14-U18 teams to Steve Sedore

Wishing everyone the best of luck at Evaluations!

Go Admirals!!!!