This Team is part of the 2023-2024 season, which is not set as the current season.
Tryout List

Dear Upper York Admirals Residents,



 Welcome parents, guardians, and players. Thank you for taking part in our 2023/24  “U16BB” Evaluation.

My name is Bob Lilly, and I will be the Head Coach for this season. 


I would also like to announce that Darryl Nelson & his assistants will take the lead on running the drills for the first 2 tryouts & Matt Kostiw will be working alongside the goaltenders. The 3rd tryout will be an inter quad game between the returning players.  


Chris Bozanin will be our "Trainer at Large" in the event of an unexpected injury.


For the first two tryouts, goaltenders will be training with Matt while the skaters participate in drills using the other 3/4's of ice, goalies will then slide into the remaining drills for full ice activity. . 


I feel very fortunate to be leading a great group of 2008 athletes to another fantastic year of hockey. 


Please see the below information on details for the upcoming tryouts & season.

Based on the number of current registrations, I am pleased to see the interest of players prepared to compete for a spot on our roster. 


Location(S) : Georgina Ice Palace (1st  & 2nd  Evaluations)

                    EG Sports Complex (West Pad) (3rd Evaluation)


Tryout Schedule 

Evaluation #1 Mon May 15th

9:00p - 10:00p / Blue Pad

Evaluation #2 Thurs May 18th

9:30p- 10:30p / Green Pad

Evaluation #3 Sat May 20th

6:00p – 7:00p / West Pad

Tryout Process:

1.     Please double check your hockey gear before heading to the rink.

2.     Please arrive at least 30 minutes before all tryouts begin.

3.     When you arrive at the lobby of the arena, please go to the Admirals table to sign-in and receive your player’s tryout jersey. 



4.     Please ensure that players come prepared for their session, this includes a water bottle, full protective gear, including neck and mouth guards.

5.     There will be a small team of independent evaluators who will be assisting me with assessing the players & goaltenders. 

6.     During and after the tryout, please do not approach the evaluators.

 Drills and Evaluations:

The tryouts will be an anxious time for all of us while the players are evaluated. 

It will be an extremely difficult task choosing 17 players (15 players, 2 goalies) for the team from a large group of hardworking athletes.  Player selection will be based on their individual abilities within these categories:


Work Ethic

Team Play


Positional Play


Hockey Sense

Compete Level


Evaluation Team

A small group of experienced individuals will act as evaluators and/or on ice instructors. Their opinions together with my own will finalize the selection of the U16 BB team.  


Any questions should be directed to me through email: [email protected] 


Selection or Release Process

After each session a list of receipt numbers will be emailed.  These numbers will indicate which players are being asked to return, those not listed will be released to our House League Program / Local Loop Division. 

Communication of my decisions after each tryout will occur via email and NOT in person at the arena. Your child’s receipt number (Last 4 digits) is your code that identifies you. This four digit number will be given to you upon signing in for the first tryout.

  • After the 1st tryout, results will be posted online no later than midnight of the same evening.
  • After the 2nd tryout, results will be posted online by 10am the following morning.
  • After the 3rd tryout, results will be posted online by 10pm the same evening..

Parents/Guardians of ‘released’ players are welcome to reach out via email to the Head Coach but please respect the OMHA protocol of waiting 
48 hours after the final tryout, should you have specific questions or desire additional feedback. 

A parent / player meeting for those selected to the team is scheduled for: 


Date: Wednesday May 24th

Time: 7p to 8p

Location: 24187 Warden Ave ( just south of Pollack) - Look for the RJL Mobile Wash Truck(s)

Note: Bring a lawn chair and a beverage; we have an option for indoors pending weather. 

Team Expectations

The 2023/24 practice season will likely begin in late August, season starting mid September and run through until the end of March/April. The schedule will consist of approximately 30 games + tournaments & exhibition games. We expect to enter 3-4 tournaments, 2 of which will be out of town. Generally, there will be 2 games and up to 2 practices per week. Budget outlines have not been completed but I expect it will cost approximately $2,300 - $2,500 per player. 

There will be no team assigned fundraising other than obtaining individual jersey sponsorship @ $250 for home & away.


If parents care to choose other fundraising activities to help offset these costs, I will assign a parent to oversee this operation.


Once a coaching staff is finalized, our bench staff will not be involved in any fundraising responsibilities as we will already have our hands full leading our team.


We will get together once per week over the summer for outdoor training, further details to follow.

There will also be a time commitment required of each family. We will be on the ice 2 to 4 times per week with practices and games.


It is expected that all players attend all practices and games.·      

I expect us to still be playing into March. So please book your holidays appropriately.

Coaching Staff

I will be selecting our coaches/staff after the final tryout once the team is selected.


All decisions about player positions are at the discretion of the coach and may change during the season based on the needs of the team. 

Admiral Jersey Fitting Day

Upper York Jersey Fitting Day will take place at The Ice Palace: Saturday May 27th from 430-530pm
(Please bring shoulder pads & shin pads to assist with proper fitting)

I am aware that some players (and/or their parents) may experience anxiety during these tryouts. PLEASE kindly reinforce with your child that they perform at their best when feeling relaxed and confident. 

It is also important for parents to help manage their child’s expectations during this process. A roster position on this team should never be assumed.


Let’s all make the tryouts an enjoyable one.


I wish all candidates the best of luck and I look forward to seeing you at the rink.


Bob Lilly


Bob Lilly

Head Coach


Upper York Admirals U16BB



Go Admirals Go !!

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